SmartSheer Crushed Voile Insulating Window Sheer, 2" Rod Pockets, One Panel

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Until now, sheer curtain panels served the purpose of providing a balance of privacy and natural light with elegance and style. Smartsheer’s patented fabric technology combines the beauty and privacy of sheer window panels with thermoregulating properties to reduce home energy costs, add additional privacy, and filter the perfect amount of natural sunlight in your living room, bedrooms, den, or dining room.

The combination of Smartsheer's fabric weave density, larger denier size, and microscopic pore sizes will regulate more heat & cold and deflect more UV light than standard sheer panels. The result is improved home energy savings with the optimal balance of natural light and privacy.

Larger denier: The denier size of Smartsheer fabric is larger than standard sheers. A larger denier means thicker yarn, and thicker yarn means more privacy.

Microscopic pore size: The high weave density and increased denier size will naturally shrink the pore size of the fabric weave. A smaller pore size means less sunlight transference and improved temperature regulation.

Higher weave density: Smartsheers' semi sheer curtains yarn weave has 50% more thread than a standard sheer which means the weave pattern is very dense, and high density means improved heat and cold insulation while increasing its reflectance of UV light.

Smartsheer semi sheer curtains are also known as drapes, sheer drapes, white bedroom curtains, sheer voiles, and privacy curtains.

  • PATENTED "ENERGY SAVING" CURTAIN FABRIC TECHNOLOGY: Save $10/year/window with Smartsheer curtains

  • IMPROVE COMFORT: Blocks more heat in the summer. Blocks more cold in the winter, saves money

  • OPTIMAL BALANCE OF PRIVACY AND NATURAL LIGHT: Offers your family more privacy than a standard sheer

  • BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: SmartSheer panels will complement all interior design styles

  • Finished with beautiful 2" rod pockets and crisp hems. 100% polyester

More privacy than the standard sheer.

The optimal balance of privacy and natural lighting.

Standard window sheers are often too sheer. Smartsheer’s patented fabric improves privacy with a dense weave pattern while optimizing the amount of filtered natural sunlight.

More energy savings than a standard sheer

Save $10 per window per year.

Standard sheers don’t do enough to optimize your heating and cooling costs. Smartsheer curtains outperform standard sheers by regulated more cold and heat while blockign far more ultra voilet sun rays.

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