Frequently asked questions.

  • How did Smartsheer get started?

    We noticed that standard sheer curtains never did enough to fulfill the original purpose of traditional curtains - to neutralize cold and warm drafts coming through your home's windows.

    Can we design thermoregulating properties into a sheer curtain, retain is natural beauty, and still provide energy savings to the eco-friendly home? We were able to accomplish just that by developing a patented fabric.

  • What’s so special about SmartSheer?

    SmartSheer's are beautiful semi-sheer curtains designed to complement all interior design trends while minimizing the heating and cooling losses through the window as you would expect from heavier drapes. Or simply put, "keep the heat and cold out and let the light in." SmartSheer patented fabric technology retains a sheer look for gorgeous natural light filtration and improved privacy.

  • Do you have a sales or promo code going on right now?

    We run sales ALL THE TIME! We recommend you sign up for our newsletter to never miss a deal. Our social media accounts are also a great place to find coupons as well - follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

  • How do I remove wrinkles from the curtains?

    There are a number of options, and we're going to make 2 suggestions.

    1) Use a steamer. Steamers work well on all types of fabric, especially polyester.

    2) If you don't have a steamer, place the curtain(s) in the dryer with a damp towel using a low heat setting. We have personally seen success with this method and is usually the best course of action. You may need to repeat the process twice, but it should help significantly.

  • What are the dimensions of the rod pockets?

    SmartSheer hangs by a rod pocket, and the pocket is 2" deep to accommodate all standard size curtain rods.

  • How many curtains come in one package?

    SmartSheers are sold as single units. Simply purchase 2 units to properly dress a window!

  • Can SmartSheer curtains be hemmed?

    Yes, SmartSheer curtains can be hemmed (altered), but please be aware that alterations will void the return policy and warranty.

  • How wide are SmartSheer curtains?

    The width of one SmartSheer curtain panel varies for our different product styles.

    SmartSheer Solid Insulating Sheers are 59" (inches) wide.

    SmartSheer Crushed Insulating Sheers are 52" (inches) wide.

    SmartSheer Burnout Insulating Sheers are 54" (inches) wide.

    SmartSheer Linen Insulating Sheers are 54"(inches) wide.