A Guide on Buying Curtains

Any experienced decorator is well aware of the transformative power curtains possess. This will only be possible if they’re chosen correctly. There are a couple of factors that go into consideration when choosing window treatment options. It is not only the sheer curtains that you should be worried about but also the fabric and color. Here are some of the considerations to have in mind that will help in selecting the right curtains for your home.


The material of choice will hugely depend on the existing aesthetic of the room and the amount of light that you’d like to let in. The fabric will also play a big role in the functionality of the curtains. Cotton is a popular choice of fabric because it is easy to clean and holds up well. All you have to do is dry clean them when it deems appropriate. They’re maintenance-free for the most part and have the potential to give character to rooms.


There are different styles that you can choose from when it comes to curtains. One of the most important considerations when determining the style is the general aura and feel of the room. There are colors like blue and grey which are all about making a bold statement. If you’re looking for light control and privacy, you can opt for line drapes.

Ease of Wash

You will need to determine if you’ll be buying curtains that are washer machine friendly or those that will need to be dry-cleaned. You should not attempt to wash the curtains on your own as you could ruin the curtains. Let them be professionally cleaned if the aesthetics and functionality is to remain.

Curtain Size

Experts recommend having curtains that are double the size of the window. It doesn’t matter if the curtains will always be drawn. It is imperative that you’re getting curtains that are long enough. If you’re aiming for a rich and sophisticated look, you can have them to be long enough so that they’re puddling the floor. This kind of style will only be appropriate if you don’t mind cleaning the curtains on a regular basis.


The curtain hardware should mix and match with the fabric that you’ve selected. Velvet works wonderfully on decorative rods. The type of curtains should also compliment the room. This provides a more finished look that is refined.

Custom Vs Off-the-Shelf Curtains

With custom treatment, you have the flexibility to choose the color combination, length, and dimensions. You’re in complete control of how the curtains will look. It might be a little expensive but it will be worth it in the end. You can still decide to go for off-the-shelf window treatment solutions if you don’t have a big budget for the curtains.

Shop Around

After looking at the various considerations, it will be time to shop around. You’ll obviously have a list in mind. The beauty of the internet is that it will be easy to compare prices. Ideally, you should be visiting the stores so that you know what exactly that you’re getting when you make the purchase. You’ll be surprised at the differences in prices even when it is the same curtain in the stores. For more information on window treatment solutions, you can check out https://smartsheer.com

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